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Publication Design
Poetry is a way of communicating that can be particularly poignant between couples. The work of Virginia Woolf’s Published ‘Mutant of the Phoenix’ written by Herbert Read is particularly influential in order to understand the typographic forms of Poetry. The typographic design choices communicate conversations between ‘lovers’ and there polar opinions. These two books work together as objects that talk with each other. They can work alone or together documenting both sides to an individuals story. The subjects, ‘university’ and ‘industry’, is what influenced my research on the education system. I set out to create this publication based around academia and governmental target audiences. The books are to be experienced either simultaneously, flicking through the two books therefore acting as a discussion point or individually, to form an impartial stand point and read across the books to develop the story.

Voice Joins Mind’s Eye, is a publication that brings together the real words of real experiences that are Multipolar. As readers we are be able to physically bring together the argument and turn it into something poetic and harmonious.